Tod’s Century of Style

Celebrating the footwear brand’s quality and telegraphing its chicness.

The Mission

Tod’s wanted to drive affinity for their iconic, handmade shoes, establishing the brand as a must for modern men of style. Tod’s remains a family business, and the client sought to highlight the time-honored craftsmanship and passion that are poured into every pair of their shoes.

2 co-branded videos
6 sponsored editorial stories
8 international markets
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The Media

Tod’s partnered with Hearst to tell their brand’s story on Esquire and resonate with a contemporary consumer. Hearst sent four team members to the Le Marche region of Italy, and shot two stunning co-branded videos, giving an intimate view into the making of Tod’s luxurious leather goods. Esquire Fashion Director Nick Sullivan consulted on the script and did the voiceover.

The Impact

These handsome videos were promoted on Facebook, where both beat our branded video completion rate benchmark—one video by 4x. Our approach resonated with the Esquire man, who wants to know the stories behind the brands he wears. We celebrated the craftsmanship that goes into every pair of Tod’s while solidifying the brand’s cool quotient. Additionally, readers spent twice as much time with our sponsored editorial stories for this campaign vs. the norm.

Other Standout Work