The Home Depot

Turning DIY home improvement dreams into reality.

The Mission

The Home Depot wanted to drive awareness of and brand affinity for tools available at the retailer among pro consumers—Popular Mechanics’ 7.2M digital audience of passionate craftsmen. They sought to reach DIYers early in their research as they look for tools that will help them get the job done.

3 co-branded videos
4 co-branded stories
6 sponsored editorial stories
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The Media

In this first-to-market production, we collaborated with Popular Mechanics’ print and digital teams to interpret the successful print franchise, Shop Notes, to video. PM’s Senior Home Editor Roy Berendsohn consulted on the videos, filmed in PM’s studio—and starred in them too! Co-branded stories, including a feature on a tricked out garage, also spotlighted the tools.

The Impact

Thanks to smart SEO-optimization and Facebook targeting, we reached DIY enthusiasts just as they were researching tools to get their projects done. Through Popular Mechanics’ trusted instruction and editorial authority, we positioned The Home Depot’s tools as worthy investments for makers. The content connected with PM’s audience, with “10 Tools You Should Never Cheap Out On” performing strongest of the custom stories. The custom video, “Here’s the Easy Way to Tune Up Your Lawnmower,” drove the highest number of social actions. Another video, “A Simple How-To For the Most Useful Shelf Ever,” reached a video completion rate of 2.5X the average for branded videos. Together, these programs over-delivered on the program guarantee by 139% while establishing The Home as the destination for quality tools.

Other Standout Work