Prada Candy

Showing how a single spritz can embolden.

The Mission

Prada wanted to create buzz around the awaited product launch of Prada Candy Gloss and continue to stoke enthusiasm for the distinct scent profiles of Prada Candy’s suite of four perfumes (EdP, Florale, Kiss and Gloss) through impactful videos and stories.

2 custom co branded videos
2 co-branded listicles
2 video article pages
6 Instagram posts
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The Media

To create excitement for Prada Candy Gloss, the newest addition to the Prada Candy suite of bold, feminine fragrances, we created two co-branded cinematic videos, in which each of the powerful and bold female leads represent a different Candy scent. In both videos, the fragrance serves as the fuel for a fury-filled uprising and bonds four strangers together forever. Supporting online and social content made it fun and instinctive for readers to shop their favorite scent. Additionally, we delivered Prada a selection of character shorts, behind-the-scenes photos and GIFs for their use.

The Impact

Our videos generated high completion rates for videos almost two minutes in length. They performed particularly well with the client’s intended target of women ages 25-34, and the Facebook comments were effusive, with users raving: ”Want it all! Love Prada!” and “Love this vid, love @Prada Candy!”

Other Standout Work