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More than anything, we know how to create desire… for a lipstick, a dress, a car, a watch, a travel destination, you name it. We inspire consumers and then move them into action. It’s what our powerhouse brands—Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, Delish and more than 20 others—have done for decades and it’s what they now do every day across every major digital and social platform. When we partner with an advertiser, we start with your real-world goals and work toward them, first determining a distribution strategy, and then crafting a creative approach that marshals the unique voices of our brands, the authority of our editors and the depth of our audience data. We are results-obsessed at every stage of the process. HearstMade isn’t a specific group, agency or team, because at HDM, helping our clients connect with our audiences and spurring them toward action is everyone’s duty. HearstMade is our ethos, and it works. It drives everything we do. See what it can do for you.

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25US Sites
100MMUS Unique Visitors
220MMSocial Followers
40+Inernational Markets